Photography Sneak Peek ~ Rhett 18 Months

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

My adorable little cousin Rhett is almost 18 months old. The last time I took his pictures he was only 8 weeks old <3 Time seriously flies and he is just as cute as ever!

He was a typical little boy for his session. He liked to run around and play with leaves and sticks, instead of posing for a camera. And who could blame him? It was a beautiful day with lots of things to look at and lots of things to do. Luckily for me I still caught some sweet pictures of him.

Here's a few of my favorites...
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Christmas Home Tour | Holiday House Walk 2017

So I just did something I have never done before, I decorated for Christmas in the middle of November! My husband's birthday is the 29th of November and he does not like decorations up before his birthday. Like at all, he throws a man fit haha! It's happened only one other time in our marriage and that was two years ago.
But this year, he told me I could decorate early. I barely had to beg ask. I was totally shocked! He was even a sweetheart and got my tree down for me that night. So the very next day I decked the halls and blared my new Taylor Swift CD, it's still a little early for me to listen to Christmas music. I wasted no time at all haha! 

I actually think Alan was excited for me to be so excited to decorate our new house <3 He can be sweet sometimes.
Most of my decor is same stuff as I had from two years ago, you can see my other Christmas Home Tour here. I go into more detail about where I bought everything. I did buy a few more berries, flocked picks, and iced branches to add to the tree this year. I got those at Michael's and Hobby Lobby.
This year I decided to add a pop of red to my decor. Red is just so traditional for Christmas and I love the added warmth it gave to my house. The pompom stockings from Hearth and Home at Target, red berries from Hobby Lobby, and the gift wrap, were the perfect touch.
My mantel <3<3<3 Oh I cannot even to begin to explain how much I enjoyed getting to decorate this baby. I have always wanted a mantel, especially at Christmas time. In our old house I had finally got a mantel built and hung, but we sold our house before I could use it. It was so beautiful <3 You can see that here.

The thoughts of having an actual fireplace with stockings hung above it was always something that I wanted. I am so incredibly grateful for our beautiful home and this little area in it. It has made my childhood and adult dreams come true!
I looked high and low for the perfect garland and I ended up finding it at one of my favorite stores ever, Home Goods <3 It is frosted, flocked, sparkly, lighted, and most importantly, long enough to fit across my mantel. I just love it it!
I enjoy waking up every morning, turning on my fireplace, and enjoying this view <3 It's the perfect place to just sit and read and to edit all those cute pictures I've been taking lately <3
Also, I just adore these sweet little handmade trees I made a few years ago. You can see my DIY tutorial here. They were so much fun to make, and add just the perfect amount of sparkle to the room. Plus they store really well. I just stack them inside each other and they stay protected that way.
Since I have a house with a great room concept, I just kept my decor in the living room since I can see it pretty much all the time from where I'm at. Plus, I didn't want to much my luck and over decorate and have Alan immediately regret his decision ;)

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Photography Sneak Peek ~ Harrison 6 Months

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Oh this little boy is just too cute! He was all smiles and charm for his 6 month session yesterday morning.

He has the prettiest eyes, longest lashes (the boys always get the best lashes) and is just the perfect little baby. He isn't quite sitting up on his own, but thankfully he loves to be on his tummy. He gave me some of the cutest smiles!

His mom Stephanie has the cutest outfits for him and she even found the tiniest little trucker hats I have ever seen <3 Seriously I could have snuggled this little muffin all day. He is just precious <3

Here's a few of my favorites...
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