DIY Spice Jar Labels

Friday, June 30, 2017

This is kind of a part two to the last project I posted here. I made an easy DIY drawer spice rack and these cute little labels are just the icing on the cake.

These were actually pretty easy to make and it only took about an hour or so. It totally transformed the look of my spice drawer and made it look cohesive with the rest of my kitchen.

Here's what I did...

I used my computer and printer to make the actual sheet of labels. I found a font I liked, I used Peas & Carrots, then I printed a test sheet on plain paper and then made any adjustments so that my punch only cut out one word at a time and didn't cut off the next one, and so on. When I was happy, I printed it again on a large label sheet. I used Avery #8165, Full Sheet Shipping Labels.
The next thing I did was cut a piece of clear contact paper big enough cover the label sheet. I found the contact paper at the Dollar Tree, score! The contact paper protects the label from stains and lets you be able to wipe down the spice jar without dissolving off your label.
Peel off the backing of the contact paper and carefully smooth it over the label sheet. I started at the bottom and worked my way up, that seemed to be the easiest for me.
 Then I took a little plastic scraper and got out any air bubbles.
Next I took my 1.5" circle punch and started punching out each label. You can get creative here and use any shape you want, but for the jars I had and what I had in mind, this circle punch was perfect. I found this one at Hobby Lobby.
 Peel off the back of the label and adhere it to a clean and dry spice jar. Repeat 30 or so times ;)
 Then for the fun part, fill up your new jars, recycle the old, and admire those beauties!
 They fit perfect on my DIY spice racks in my spice drawer! To see that tutorial click here.

DIY Drawer Spice Rack

Hey everyone, happy Friday! I have a huge to do list to get done before this 4th of July weekend, but here I am, talking to you guys instead :) That's ok, that list will still be there when I am done.

I have been enjoying the summer in my new house. I am finally getting around to the last of my DIY projects that I wanted to get done around here. (I am sure I will find/do more eventually, but for now, I'm all caught up!)

In my old house all of my spices were in a cabinet next to my stove. I have them on a riser but I was still constantly knocking them off and having trouble finding the ones I wanted. So when we moved into the new house, I knew I would be doing something different. I have a ton of drawers in my kitchen and I LOVE that! Right next to my stove I have the perfect drawer for spices.

For a couple months I just had them all sat in the drawer, and that was not ideal, all I could see was red lids! It wasn't convenient when searching for specific spices.

I had an idea in mind, it just took me a little while to stock up on spice jars and to find the right size of plywood. I had looked at our local big box home improvement stores but they didn't have the right thing, and the closest thing they had came in HUGE sheets.

Then out of nowhere, while I was cruising around in one of my favorite craft stores, there it was, the perfect piece of plywood, so I grabbed it and smiled all the way to the checkout. I was so excited to get home and start working on it! 

This was a fairly easy project that only took a couple hours, not including the glue drying time. I am so happy with the way it turned out and I LOVE how nice and organized my spice drawer is now.

Here's what I did...

First, measure your drawer precisely. The boards need to fit snug so they are not sliding around every time it opened and closed. Width, height, and length.
I used 2 sheets of 12x24x.25 plywood that I found at Joann Fabric's & Crafts. I used my 50% coupons and got them for $3.98 each.
I bought 32 spice jars from World Market. They are regularly .99 each, but if you catch the sales, glass storage goes on sale for 30% off. I combined that, with $10 rewards dollars I had, and got all of my jars for about $10! I measured them so I knew how tall my shelves needed to be. These measure 3.25" tall by 1.75" wide. So that told me that I needed my shelves about 4 inches tall.
Thanks to my hubby, we ripped down the two boards into 8 pieces. 4 tops and 4 risers. For my project  we cut four tops 4x15.5 inches and four risers 2x15.5. The size of my drawer holds 4 shelves. I used a palm sander and smoothed the cut edges. (Sorry I didn't get pictures of the actual cutting & sanding process.)
I dry fit them in the drawer to make sure that they were the correct size. Next, I took some wood glue and glued the risers to the tops.
 I let them dry about 12 hours and then I put then in the drawer and placed my spice jars on them. A perfect fit! 
To see the finished project, with my DIY Spice Jar Labels and how I made them, stay tuned. Here's a little sneak peek :D

Photography Sneak Peek ~ Violet 3 Years

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Another year has come and gone, and sweet little Violet is THREE! She is such a fun little girl, with lots of energy and spunk. She is so cute and I had so much fun with her!

I just love this little family and getting to photograph them. Last month I took her baby brother Forrests' 6 month pictures, and I always enjoy getting to spend time with my cousin Miranda.

We had a warm, 99 degree evening, but luckily we took most of the pictures by the Boise River, so that helped things seem a little cooler. Lots of smiles, treats, and candies, made for the perfect evening <3

Here's a few of my favorites...
And I just couldn't help myself...when a baby is this happy, I just have to snap a picture <3 Forrest is such a little doll.
 Thank you so much for stopping by, have a sweet and beautiful day!

Photography Sneak Peek ~ Elijah 1 Year

Monday, June 19, 2017

This little sweetheart is turning ONE at the end of the month, and we all can't wait to celebrate with this little guy.

I have loved getting to take Elijah's photos since he was born, and with each milestone he just gets more and more fun! Elijah has so much personality, he is so much fun to play with. He's a mocking bird and copies everything you say, it's mostly in his own little language, but he definitely speaks words and sentences. His mom Brett said that at 6 months old he said "I love you." He's a smarty pants that's for sure.

We had a fun day and got lots of fun pictures, here are a few of my favorites...
Thank you so much for stopping by, I hope you have a wonderful day :)

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