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Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Oh snow, just stop for a couple weeks will ya?

Our house should have been completely finished being framed December 8th. But here we are on December 14th and it still looks like this. Partially sheeted. And the trusses are not all set.
So if the snow would stop falling in our house...
I know I just need to be patient, but this snow is getting on my nerves. Yes, snow is beautiful and it's a necessity, especially when you live in an agricultural community, but can't it just stay in the mountains where it belongs, and out of my house? Please.

Thank goodness the weather gave us a tiny break, before it dumped 12+ inches right before Christmas.

During that time my builder had me meet him at our house to walk through and go over the electrical, and plumbing, and gave me the opportunity to make any last minute changes.

Then it was a whirlwind of contractors and workers all over the place. One day while I stopped by there were 15 guys there working! And boy did it make a difference.

In less than a week the outside of our house was completely framed, sheeted, wrapped, windows were set, the roof was dry sheeted and the shingles were delivered.

December 17th
December 18th
December 19th
December 22
On the inside, the hvac system was installed, tubs were in, fireplace was installed, gas lines ran, and vents, drains, plumbing and electrical were roughed in. Much more was done I just didn't get pictures of it all :)
We basically made up for anytime that was lost earlier in the month! Yay!

I just had to take a picture of this water bottle that one of the plumbers had. I really want to remember the weather that these guys were working in. Freezing cold. It has been between 6-25 degrees the last couple weeks. With tons of snow too. I know I've said it before but I'll say it again, I really, really appreciate these workers.
On Christmas day Alan & I stopped by to take a picture...<3
Today, December 27th,  I stopped by and was surprised to see some siding on the house! The sheetrock was also delivered. Here in a few days I'm sure they house will drastically change again.
Until then, thank you for stopping by and I hope your have a sweet, warm, and happy day :) See you next time. My next update will after the new year!

Photography Sneak Peek ~ Hazel Grace 8 Months

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

I am pretty sure my niece Hazel is the sweetest little sugar plum in the world!

She's eight months old and is the joy in our lives. She's say 'dada', claps her hands, waves bye bye, clicks her tongue, giggles and wiggles, scoots backwards on her hands and knees, plays patty-cake and peek-a-boo, gives hugs (the best hugs ever), she is just so much fun!

I just love taking this sweet girls pictures <3 and I love to watch her grow and learn new things. She is just too cute!

Here's a few of my favorites...
Merry Christmas to you all and thank you for stopping by! Have a sweet and happy day :)

Photography Sneak Peek ~ Orrin's Senior Pictures

Sunday, December 18, 2016

This handsome young man is graduating high school, an that couldn't make me feel any older lol! His mom and I are like sisters. She and her brothers were always there when I was growing up and I always had a blast with them. Cresta definitely didn't treat me like a typical little sister, she actually liked me and wanted to play haha!

Smart, talented, kind, and handsome, Orrin is all of the above and more. I have enjoyed watching him grow up and become such a admirable person. Cresta and her hubby Job have done an amazing job raising their four sons, Orrin is the oldest of them and is such a great big brother.

We froze and I mean froze at this session today. It was 12 degrees and snowy. It made for some pretty scenery but holy cow, my hands are still trying to defrost lol!

Here's a few of my favorites...
 Thank you for all your support I appreciate it!! And thank you for stopping by. Have a sweet and happy day :)

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