Photography Sneak Peek ~ Lexi Maternity

Sunday, November 26, 2017

I love what I do <3 and I love getting to meet new people. These two were a breath of fresh air.

Morgan & Lexi were so nice and easy going. Plus they are both seriously great looking people, which makes my job even easier.

Lexi was a trooper for our cold, morning shoot the other day. She looked great, the camera loved her,  and she was glowing. I just love that about expecting mamas. She's due to have her sweet little girl in just a couple weeks!

Morgan is seriously the sweetest guy ever, and the way he looked at Lexi during the shoot, is every woman's dream. Sweet, kind, helpful, polite, handsome. Lexi's a lucky lady.

It was a perfect session from start to finish. I seriously am in love with these photos. Thank you so much for having me capture these beautiful moments and congratulations on your baby girl.

Here's a few of my favorites...
Thank you so much for stopping by, I hope you all have a sweet and beautiful day :)

Photography Sneak Peek ~ Eells Kids Christmas Mini Session

Saturday, November 25, 2017

These kiddos were so much fun for their little Christmas mini session!

They were all full of smiles and energy. I love photographing kids, they are all so fun and have such different personalities.

Big sister Stella finally has a little sister and you can just tell she is in love. She was so sweet with her. I'm sure they will be best friends.

Big brother Toby loved to snuggle up next to baby and give her kisses. And his smile! Oh he had that down great!

Even little Duke, the 18 month old, gave baby loves. He was full of energy and just liked to be busy. He definitely kept me, his mom, and his grandma on our toes!

Baby Penelope was 15 day new when we took these. She was good as gold and would give the sweetest little smiles when she would hear her brothers and sister talking.

Here's a few of my favorites...
Thank you so much for stopping by! Have a sweet and happy day :)

Photography Sneak Peek ~ Mason & Millie Christmas Mini Session

Thursday, November 23, 2017

These kids...

I love them so much. They made me an Auntie and actually gave me that name. I was trying to get Mason to say Aunt Toni and it came out as Auntie, the rest is history. It is by far my favorite nickname.

Mason is ten and he acted like I was torturing him when we took these pictures. He might have been in the studio 10 minutes lol. It's his age and the fact that his dad and Alan were both watching football in the other room, otherwise I'm sure he would have smiled like a champ ;) I guess he's growing up and would rather do anything else than take pictures! Oh well little stinker, I got cute ones anyways.

Millie, well she's just a mini me and she LOVES the camera lol. She's six and so easy. She kept thinking of ideas and I just snapped away. I love her silly giggles and sweet smiles <3

And of course I made Kristina get in some of the pictures with them because it's important that the kids have photos with their mom.

These were actually taken two different days. The first ones were at night with just the Christmas lights, and then the pajama ones were during the day with natural light.

Here's a little peek into our session(s)..
Thank you for stopping by, I hope you have a sweet and happy day :)

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