My Little Secret...

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Well, I guess right now is as good a time as any to let you know that I have been keeping a secret. I've been quiet about it for about 7 weeks now, and before this moment only my husband and I and a couple people, like 4, knew about it. I've been hiding a huge smile on the inside knowing that the time would come that I would get to spill the beans!

I rarely get to have secrets, especially big ones, and my husband is horrible about keeping them, he's actually the one who ended up telling a couple people, so in all honesty that this is still even a secret, is a miracle! We've been planning and dreaming of this for awhile now and were so excited that this is actually happening!!!

I'll give you a hint...aloha...

Okay, so that totally gave it away! We booked a spur of the moment vacation to Hawaii! We'll be visiting Kauai, my favorite Hawaiian island! And for the first time, in 11 years, we will be vacationing alone, together, with no one but ourselves to worry about. I'm so excited I am practically giddy!! No, I AM giddy! The last vacation we went on together, alone, was our honeymoon!

My husband has a pretty demanding job and he works long hours and had a lot of responsibility on his shoulders. He NEEDS this. We've been wanting to get away alone together for a long time. I'm so excited for this chance to unwind. We NEED this! 
Kauai on our last Hawaiian vacation in February 2015
My parents are timeshare owners and when this condo became available, and Alan could actually take vacation time from work that week, I frantically called my mom screaming, and told her to call her timeshare company asap and book it snagged it! There was only ONE room available, and we got it! It's was meant to be. I'm mean, when can you stay a full week, oceanfront, in Hawaii for only $105?!?!? 

I had a little time to prepare and save a little money, but for me, 7 weeks is pretty spur of the moment, especially since it as just a whim that I was actually on the timeshare website. I never get on that site to check availability, it was totally meant to be! Everything just fell into place and I am so thankful! Sometimes if you're patient things just work out.

We had a few bumps in the road, and a couple different times I thought we weren't going to be able to go and we would have to cancel it all together! I was feeling under the weather, the guy that who was supposed to cover for Alan while he's gone at work broke his arm, and then Alan was going to have to go to court and of course the date of the hearing was right smack dab in the middle of our vacation! Thank you judge for approving the continuance! Needless so say I've been a nervous wreck! And it wasn't until 7 days before we were supposed to leave that we got the ok from the court! I'm sure I grew a few more gray hairs over that one LOL!

Thanks to Groupon a few of the activities we're going to do, I bought a rock bottom prices! We also got an extremely great rate for our rental car, about 1/4 of the price that we paid the last time we went to Hawaii! Yay for saving money! And yay me, for calling 2 days before we were supposed to arrive and checking to see if the rates were any better!!

So by the time you are reading this we should be in the middle of the pacific and settling into the island life. Be prepared to be bombarded by see some photos if you are following me on Instagram :) I can't wait to be relaxing in the sun, under a palm tree, in the sand, with the warm tropical breeze on my face, salty water lapping at my feet, and my handsome, loving husband by my side. Paradise here we come!

Here's where we will be staying for the next 7 days!
Our resort
We will be staying in building A
The pool area
Here's a view from our room...OH MY GOSH!!! And, we will literally be just steps from the water!
The view from our beachfront lanai

Our 11th Anniversary ~ Weekend Recap

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Eleven years have come and gone and this man I call my husband, and he is still the love of my life.
Thursday October 1st was our 11th Anniversary. Alan was able to take some time off from work and we we're able to spend 4 days together. It was so nice!

The day of our anniversary we woke up early, snuggled on the couch, and then I made a sweet little heart shaped breakfast for him. I just love heart shaped things :)
We worked on some projects that we've putting off forever been needing to finish up. Hooray for finally finishing our metal shed and getting the lawnmower out of the garage! We ate lunch at home and then got ourselves ready and went to Boise for a little shopping and errand running.

We ended up eating at Texas Roadhouse for dinner. Excuse the awful iPhone photo, it's the only one we got together.
 I shared this story on Instagram, but I have to share it again, it's just to funny not to. When we got to the restaurant the hostess was being friendly and making small talk...
Hostess: You guys look so cute together, are you celebrating?
Me: Thanks and yes it's our anniversary!
Hostess: Congratulations! How long?
Me: Eleven.
Hostess: Months? That's an interesting amount of time to celebrate.
Me: Uhh no, years.
Hostess: Oh my gosh you have got to be kidding me! I thought you were a teenager! I feel so dumb! Congratulations on 11 years and finding the fountain of youth!
Me: (Insanely red faced and embarrassed) Thank you!
LOL She was just a teenager herself! It was just too funny and totally caught me off guard. I don't know how to take a complaint, I turn into an awkward turtle!
When we got home my husband carried in a gift for me and sat it on the table. Have I mentioned how much I LOVE my man?!?
Michael Kors was have a clearance event and he totally spoiled me!! I absolutely LOVE my new bags! MK Selma, Saffiano Leather Satchel in Pearl Gray and MK Cindy, Saffiano Leather Satchel in Fuchsia. Aren't they pretty?! He's the sweetest hubby ever <3 
Friday, I basically stood in the kitchen allllllll day. I made my hubby his favorite cheddar broccoli soup and homemade rolls for lunch. Then for dinner we had some friends over for shredded pork tacos, homemade salsa, guac, marinaded onions, fired roasted poblano peppers, and all the toppings. Delicious food all day long! Yummy!
But the best part of the day, was this little girl...Meet Lemon the Schnoodle! 
My friend Amy, over at, got this adorable baby girl and she is such a little snuggle muffin! She's a mix of mini schnauzer and mini poodle with a tiny bit it cocker spaniel mixed in there. She's non-shedding and hypoallergenic. She even has her own Instagram page, because you know all good mommies make their fur babies their own Instagram page :) She even has her own hashtag #lemontheschnoodle. Check her out here. Baby Lemon is 5 weeks old and oh so cute! I'm so glad that Amy shares her little fluff ball and let's me snuggle and play with her too :) I miss her Amy, bring her back! ;)

 Saturday was spent relaxing, doing some laundry, and watching college football. While my hubby at the BSU game that evening with my dad, I drove out to the country for a photoshoot. THIS is where my heart belongs, and you just can't beat that view of the pretty countryside! 
After the shoot, I went and got my mom and we came back to my house and we relaxed in front of the tv, ate popcorn, sang our hearts out to watched Grease, and waited on the guys to come home from the game.

Sunday, in the words of my husband, "I could literally watch football all day long! Wife, aren't you excited, football starts at 7:30!" (wife, is his pet name for me) and that my friends, is exactly what he did, all day long. I don't mind a little football, a little, but, all day long...I don't think so! I spent some time working on my blog and catching up on some reading. I spent some time outside cleaning up some flower beds, organizing the garage, and then took a nice walk on the greenbelt. 
The last 4 days were so enjoyable! I love spending time with my hubby and can't wait to see what the future holds for us. The last 11 years flew by and I know that this saying is true, "Time flies when you're having fun!"

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