Photography Sneak Peek ~ Hazel Grace 15 Months

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

I have been counting down the days until I could do this photoshoot with my niece Hazel. The first year of Hazel's life, I took photos of her every month. The sweetest little baby model I ever did see.

When she turned one I decided to try and scale back a little bit and do one every 3 months (there was no way I could wait until the 18 month mark!). It has been a LONG 3 months lol, and I enjoyed getting this sweet little thing in front of my lens again!

She is so dang cute and so much fun! She a busy, happy, sweet little girl that is just the light of our lives. Angela picked out the cutest outfits for our session and I just love that Hazel's pretty hair is back in a headband <3

She is so smart, talks in her own little Chinese sounding language, has 6 teeth, sings, copies sounds and actions, loves to rock her babies, loves to eat, loves to play outside and get dirty, loves to play with her cousins, she waves to everyone, and loves to give kisses. Her kissy face is just too ridiculously adorable <3 I could go on and on about her all day...proud Auntie right here!

Here are a few of my favorites....
Thank you so much for stopping by and showing me such love! Have a sweet and happy day :)


  1. She's so cute! In some of these, she reminds me a little bit of Campbell when she was that age :)

    1. Oh really? That's fun, I guess they are related <3


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