101 Things To Blog About

Monday, August 17, 2015

Blogging is fun, coming up with topics to blog about, ahhh,  sometimes that's hard. We've all had writers block from time to time. Here's a list of ideas that hopefully will help keep you blogging and give you something new to write about.

1.  What was your favorite vacation? Where is your dream vacation destination?

2.  Top 10...this could be beauty items, hair care, fashion, places to visit, etc.

3.  Take us on a tour of your home and take lots of pictures.

4.  Just another day. Photo blog your day and what you do. Take a picture ever hour or so. This is a fun one!

5.  You're favorite recipes and cooking traditions.

6.  Most embarrassing moment. Don't leave out any details, we've all got one...or more ;)

7.  Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

8.  What are your guilty pleasures?

9.  Favorite shows and movies to watch on Netflix.

10.  Date night ideas. What's you're ideal date night?

11.  Do you have a special talent? Tell us about it.

12.  Favorite thing to do when you need a little me time. And yes vegging out in front of the TV counts!

13.  Travel tips. How about international travel? We all love tips and tricks to help make our lives easier.

14.  Cleaning and organizing. How do you do it?

15.  DIY tutorial about anything you're good at.

16.  Why and when did you decide to blog? Tell us all about the beginning.

17.  Favorite books and authors. Is there a specific genre you enjoy?

18.  Worst purchases and why? Help save us from making the same mistakes.

19.  Tell us about your significant other and how you met. We just love love stories.

20.  How does your garden grow? Take us on a tour outside of your home.

21.  Show us your fur babies. And tell us how they came to be yours.

22.  Write a letter to your past teenage self? What's the advice you would give yourself?

23.  If you could spend a day with a love one who has passed, who would it be? What would you talk about and do?

24.  Biggest regrets or mistakes. This can be painful, but it's real.

25.  Share your bucket list! And what you've checked off of it.

26.  Make a firsts list. Tell us about your first date. First kiss. First car. First job. Oh the memories...

27.  What's on your mind right now, just write it down.

28.  Tell us about the 5 most interesting people you know.

29.  Share with us your favorite blogs, or YouTube channels that you just can't get enough of.

30.  What are your favorite hobbies?

31.  What's the best advise you've ever received.

32.  Tell us about your favorite holiday, and how you celebrate it.

33.  Tell us about your favorite season and why you love it.

34.  Review a product, app, movie, book, etc.

35.  What is your dream occupation? Or are you living the dream?

36.  Have you ever met someone famous?

37.  What's the most random gift you've ever received.

38.  Write about what you're really passionate about. Let it come from the heart.

39.  Write a thank you letter to some one who has impacted your life and really made a difference.

40.  Make a list of other people things that are offered for free. For instance fonts, backgrounds, printables, etc.

41.  Tell us about your community and why it's great?

42.  Have a contest and give away a free gift! People love winning something.

43.  Write a motivational or inspirational post. It's nice to read something positive and uplifting.

44.  Tell us a secret or your bad habits. Just like the most embarrassing moment, we've all got them.

45.  Let your followers know you care. Thank them!

46.  Let us know what social media you use and how we can follow you.

47.  What are your favorite apps and why?

48.  If you could have a talent what would it be? Artist, athlete, entertainer, designer, etc.

49.  Share you're favorite posts and remember to give credit where credits due. When you use someones post, quotes or photos, make sure and give them credit. Thank you momentaldesigns.com for the pretty free watercolor background that I used in this post!

50. Tell us about your exercise and wellness practices. What are your tips to get started?

51.  Make a list of the 10 best. For instance, exercises for a better butt, ab workouts, killer arms, etc. We all love a good workout.

52.  Make a list of things you want to do before your next birthday. For instance, 30 before 30.

53.  Give us photography tips. Everyone could use a little brushing up in that area, especially us bloggers.

54.  Tell us a funny story. This could be true or fictional. Really make us laugh!

55.  Gift ideas for a special someone. Teacher, nurse, co-worker, parent, sibling, etc.

56.  What are your favorite foods and restaurants to visit?

57.  Tell us about your dream home. What does it have that your current home doesn't.

58.  Trying to make a decision about something? Make a pros and cons list.

59.  Are you a successful eBayer? Give us eBay buying and selling tips.

60.  Tell us about a past project you've completed successfully. Renovation, home improvement, school, weight loss, etc.

61.  Make a 'I am thankful for ____' list. It's a good reminder.

62.  Write a list of 'creative uses for ____' list. This really could be about anything.

63.  Have you been on a fun road trip? Tell us the top places to stop and see.

64.  Before and after product review or makeover. Remember to take pictures.

65.  Who do people think you are? Who you actually are.

66.  Make a list of your top pins on Pinterest.

67.  Do you like to thrift and buy second hand? Show and tell us some of your best finds.

68.  Are you good at fixing things? Let us know and write a how to tutorial.

69.  Tell us about your favorite childhood memories.

70.  Do you have any fears? Irrational or not, they can really get to you.

71.  Are you good at mixing drinks? Give us tips and tricks along with your favorite drink recipes.

72.  Write a short story or poem.

73.  Rants and Raves. Just don't be too mean.

74.  If you won the lottery what would you do with the money?

75.  Write a list of items that you can live without. And what are the things that you can't imagine being without.

76.  Did you make any New Years resolutions? Have you kept them? I know I haven't.

77.  Have you ever saved someones life? Tell us about that.

78.  If we came to your town, what are the things we should do? What restaurants must we visit? What are the 'must do's' in your city?

79.  Write an in depth post about you, 'getting to know me'.

80.  Tell us about your best friend.

81.  Introduce us to your child/ren. Please don't give out personal information.

82.  Write about where you volunteer and what you do to help.

83.  Fails! Pinterest and other DIY disasters. I know I have a few of those :/

84.  What are your favorite go to paint colors? I'm always looking for a beautiful neutral gray.

85.  Make a list of how to be more positive and have a better outlook on life.

86.  Tell us about your morning routine.

87.  Give first time moms some tips. Must haves, tricks to survive the first 2 weeks, etc.

88.  I made that...show us the things that you did yourself. We all love a DIY'er. Link the tutorials you used or write your own.

89.  Give out your best advice on something. Blogging, travel, shopping, etc.

90.  Ladies: what men should know about women. Gents: what women should know about men.

91.  What are your favorite sports and sports teams? Do you play or are you a die hard fan.

92.  Got a good story about how you got out of a speeding ticket?

93.  Do you struggle with a medical condition? Sometimes it helps to talk about it.

94.  Did you have a birth plan? Did you have a natural labor? Hospital, birth center, home birth etc.

95.  Tips on how to landscape. Make a list of your go to trees and plants.

96.  Have you traced back your family history? Do have any famous relatives?

97.  Let us know what's on your playlist. Workout music, what do you play at parties, what do you listen to when you need to relax, etc?

98.  Advice on how to have a strong marriage. How do you encourage each other?

99.  Are you athletic and health conscious? Give us advice on how to train for a marathon, info on body building, cycling, endurance, etc.

100.  Tips on building and designing a blog or website for non-designers.

101.  Make a list is blog topics. People really seem to like those ;) 

Hopefully this gives you some new ideas. Good luck and happy blogging :)

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