Thoughtful Thursday ~ Where There's Smoke

Thursday, August 13, 2015

My heart is hurting. My stomach is in knots. The mountains surrounding my hometown and where I grew up, are on fire. Over 220,000 acres have burned and it's still growing. Soda Fire 2015. A horrible inferno caused by lightening. It's one of the largest fires in the nation right now. It has been burning since early Monday morning. 
Photo by Frank Sorger view from Lake Lowell
Many of my friends and family have livestock that graze in those mountains. Ranches, homes and cabins have been threatened. Several people have been evacuated. Roads and highways have been closed. Buildings have been destroyed and animals have been lost. It's such a devastating thing to see.

Photo from Soda Fire 2015 Facebook Page
Photo by Dan Roeser
The firefighters are working hard to try and contain it and many of them are people I know fighting the fire and trying to protect their land. The air is thick, brown and so smokey. Ash is falling down. When you are on the highway you can't even see those beautiful Owyhee mountains, just a thick blanket of smoke. And those flames, they are visible for miles. 
Photo by Charlene Aycock view from Lake Lowell
Photo by lawde13
Photo by Debbie Cleaver view from Eagle, ID
Photo by Kallie Roeser at Roeser Ranch
I am normally an optimist, but I just can't seem to get passed this. I am so sad. I've been glued to my tv watching the news reports and live broadcast. Facebook is a constant stream of videos and pictures of fire, devastation and close calls.  

Photo by David Branin the Owyhee Mountains
I am praying for my community, my family and friends who have been affected, and for all those who are fighting this fire. Wind gusts and dry lighting are expected tonight. I just hope God sends us rain. Pray for Idaho. 

Photo by Toni Slack the mountains Monday afternoon before the fire grew to over 220,000 acres


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