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Saturday, August 1, 2015

I'm sure you all have been on pins and needles, haha, so I won't make you wait any longer. Here's Part 2. After The KonMarie Method

Read part one here.

After the 6 weeks of decluttering, and numerous bags of trash were hauled away, a few hours of folding and 1 giant yard sale later, I finished The KonMarie Method and my home is my oasis. Now I find myself just standing on front of my insanely organized closets and drawers and just smile at my accomplishment. My house brings me joy. It is such a wonderful feeling.

My "Joy List." During the process I started making a list of things I wanted to replace, I called it my "Joy List". Everything on the list was something I needed but it didn't necessarily bring me joy, for example oven mitts. It's extremely difficult to bake and cook without those so I couldn't just throw them out because they were worn out and I didn't like them anymore. I would have to replace them first. And if you are able to go out and replace everything at once that's great! I on the other hand can't do that. So instead I made a list, saved some money and decided that when I would find a replacement for an item, and it was something I really loved, I would get it.

Purging is addictive and FUN! After you finish the book and dive in head first, the joy you receive as your donation/give away/sell pile grows, is astounding. I didn't know how joyous it was to get rid of heavy, burdensome things. I literally could feel the weight lifting. Now that my house is done and my mom and dad have seen the fruits of my labor, they asked me to come help them clean up their house,and I couldn't be happier to help! We are just about done with clothing, and linens. Every time we fill up a box or bag I see such relief in their eyes and they are almost giddy as they haul it out to the garage.

Shopping. The absolute biggest change that has happened since completing the method is the way I shop. I go into a store with a list for the things I need and I leave. Not to mention this is saving us a ton of money and that makes my hubby happy.

I don't go into a store to browse. That's how I got into that mess before. It does not give me joy. It actually makes me sick to think of bringing something into my home that I don't love. This does not mean that I won't buy something that's not on the list. But it seems like the only time that I do bring something home that was unexpected is when it almost jumps off the shelf at me! It's something I just love, and I just know. Sometimes I will leave without it, and if I can't stop thinking about it, that's when I know it is a real joy sparker and I will go back later and get it.

I don't settle for something that's just "good enough for now". That is not how I do things anymore. I know now that it's not necessary to have something that you're not happy with or if it's not something that you really love. Call me picky I guess. I can take my time and wait until I find exactly what I'm looking for. For instance I have been looking for coasters for over eight years, seriously, and just a couple weekends ago I walked into Anthropologie and found exactly what I had been wanting. These coasters make me so happy every time I use them, and I use them all day, everyday. I just had to have patience and I knew when I found the right ones, I would know.

Quality. I am now more willing to spend a little bit more on something with better quality if it's something that I love. It's amazing how much money you actually save when you don't spend it on diddley stuff all the time.

Minimalism. I would not consider myself a minimalist but having empty drawers, empty shelves, less things on the wall, less things to trip over and less things to dust, ya it's pretty amazing thing and I can see why it's catching on. Being able to look in your closet and find something to wear immediately without digging through a bunch of stuff that you really don't love is awesome. And it really makes your husband happy when you get ready faster and he's not waiting on you as long haha!

Cleaning is so easy! Less stuff means less to clean. Also when you know where everything is, life is so much easier. I don't have things crammed in boxes and totes, when I open up a drawer or closet I can see everything.

I take better care of my stuff. I don't know why but it makes me appreciate my stuff so much more. I guess maybe it's because everything I have left in my home is stuff that I really enjoy and love. It made the cut and it sparked joy.

Here's a few pictures of my house after...

My Kitchen
I KM'ed my old Callaway design Corelle dishes. I don't know why I didn't listen to my mom 11 years ago and just get white lol!

These are my new ones and I love them!
Link to Corelle dishes
My Dining Room & Laundry 
Laundry Detergent & Cleaners
Entry Area
Living Room
Guest Bathroom
Bathroom, Makeup and Hair Product Organization
Master Bathroom
Alan's Essentials
Master Bedroom
Dresser Organization & KonMarie Folding. It is amazing how much more room we have now that things are properly folded. Just Google KonMarie Folding, and you will find tons of videos.

My Husbands Dresser & Closet

BSU College T-Shirts, Socks and Underwear
Undershirts, Jeans & an entire EMPTY drawer!
Shorts, Sweats, Swim Trunks & Athletic Shorts
We separated his t-shirts from his nice polos and button ups
My Dresser & Closet

Socks, Jewelry & Belts
Underwear & Bras
Leggings, Workout Clothes, and PJ's
Shorts & Jeans
Long Sleeve Shirts, Sweaters & Swimming Suits
Rise to the Right. Darkets to lightest. I prefer to hang all of my t-shirts instead of folding them like the book suggests.

I also turn all of my hangers backwards, then when I wear something I turn it so it faces the right direction. This is a good way to see what you don't wear
Guest Bedroom
My husband spoils me. For our anniversary, he couldn't wait until October, he bought me my first real handbag and wallet, he is seriously the best. Now I can officially retire my old $20 Kohl's bag!

Then to top it off, we bought a new to us car! Lincoln 2013 MKX. Out with the old and in with the new. She definitely sparks joy!
Is's so nice to have so much less stuff.

I still have several things I'd like to replace, but I'm in no hurry, when I find what I really want, I'll know and I'll get it. 

I just finished the makeover of my guest bedroom and that will be posted tomorrow.

Right now I am in the process of revamping my fireplace, that dated orangey stone and ugly brass as got to go! I will definitely do a before and after with a tutorial when I get it finished!

Have you read this book? Comment below, I'd love to hear what you thought of it and if your life has changed.

UPDATE: Read part 3 here, my life one year later.

*These are my own opinions and I am in no way affiliated with Marie Kondo. I'm just another happy reader. 


  1. I like your home and the organization ! I also like all of your nice things too! BTW those are great coaster I like those too!

    1. Thank you :) I just love my coasters!!


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