Photography Sneak Peek ~ Newborn Ryker

Friday, April 14, 2017

My friends Jordan and Kayla just welcomed their second adorable son into this world.

Big brother Jax is such a sweetheart and always wanting to know what is going on with his baby :) So he was more than happy to take pictures with his little brother. There may or may not have been a happy meal promised in return for his cooperation ;)

Ryker Wade is 10 days old and is as sweet as can be. He's just a little bitty guy, 17 inches long and weighing in at 6.5 lbs.

If you guys have been around long enough you know there's hardly anything I love more than a sweet little newborn babe, and he is no exception.

I really enjoyed my day with Ryker, Jax, & Kayla, and I am so happy she called me and wanted me to take his newborn photos.  

Here's another little dose of sweetness for you all...enjoy :)
Thank you so much for stopping by! I hope you have a sweet and wonderful day :)


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